Gauging from crystal balls, some equity.

Mose Allison. The very one shade of black to make a marquis shine. My girl is in boots. I have so goddamn much money. The night is just as young as she is, and Mose Allison is

thinkin' 'bout a place
I'm waitin' for the day
When I will make my get away

I am swimming in smoke, suds, and saltwater, sinning, and doing other strange things. That's why they all call me. Marvelous. I don't telegraph how impressive I feel right now. I save it for the night, and for dreams I can't quite put into words.

"In your father's house there's many mansions/Every one with a fireproof floor." Thank God. Thank Bob Dylan. I hope upon hope that that isn't a Biblical reference and dive into a still rippling pond after you. The cheap seats are the best, wetter. This is a great concert. Exxon is up on tomorrow's news.

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