There is a spoken word performance event at the library this afternoon. A certain Elisabeth is catering with a tray of cut vegetables, dip, and lemonade. I consider Elisabeth while the words trip up the tongues of the alternating audience members who venture to the microphone. She has poise. Ten jets are on a ship to Guam. Nine of them are flawless. I have a friend at Raytheon who connects me with another engineer; I attempt to call him regarding a questionable lithium supplier. An obit in tomorrows paper is a light and admiring comedy. I buy shares in Nevada water rights.


Dark Overnights and Oversea Carriers

The rain falls and the old concrete spillway project is halted, but the explosives contractor will be making funeral arrangements after a late night party turns down the wrong alley and a young man has his head split open after a misdirected boast. The contractor will not be tearing down the dam, he will be laying plans to investigate a personally important manslaughter. This will stay out of the news, for now. A turn of events in Africa ripples through China to gold prices tommorrow, which will tip exchange rates, I've shorted and bought in to an ocean cargo index.