Bad News Horizon

So obviously, the paper was printed a day early. Those time sink entertainment barrons just run whatever they feel like after the ad deals are cemented, and the Iffigan Periodic Times just got caught redhanded. The froth and churn keeps it looking like what's happening is contemporaneous with the reader. And relieved, lucky him having lost some track of what calendar day it was in his stupefying decades long stint of underemployment. The Iffigan City Council and Chamber of Commerce were in the hands of the Paper, and vice-versa, and there's 50% off on document shredders til Wednesday. Now know that everything I knew was composed in an adolescent filter, now see that filter is gone and the Iffigans' own Periodical Times was ...but back to drinking on the job hunting.

The Tuesday paper comes, Exxon rises. Wednesday's news, the day after a deep commitment and effort toward Monday's job interview slightly more relaxed and humorous after the oddball early trip, this time with the door unlocked, but the job quite apparently unavailable to him personally, and the next day Exxon falls 1.12%, but no one else seems to know, and he has put every penny into gold. Tomorrow's news is bad news.

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